PIER operates under a fully integrated QHSE Management System covering all PIERs activities both on- and offshore, applying the principles of both ISO 9000, 14000 and 18000 and the ISM/ISPS Code for overall QHSE management during all the various stages of our activities.


PIER values the fact that health, safety, environmental protection and quality must be an integral part of all our activities and not a separate issue. Our QHSE performance is a key element in all our work with respect to our employees, our Clients and towards the Authorities.

All our activities shall be performed through careful planning and execution so that the risk of accidents, injuries, illness, damage, environmental pollution or operative interruptions is as low as reasonably practicable.

Consequently, PIER has one management system covering all aspects of our activities rather than separate Safety Management System, Environmental Management System, ISM System and QA System.

In order to support the overall philosophy of operations under a fully integrated management system, PIER has adopted the following QHSE Management System model for setting and implementing our company QHSE policies and objectives in line with our corporate Key Values as illustrated below:


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